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My wrapped 2017


My wrapped 2017

Isn't there gonna be a wrapped 2017 playlist made personally for you This year? When is it coming out?

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I have the same problem, not enough data and I listen Spotify everyday for hours. Can we find a solution for this, I am so looking forward to this list.


Nitro912gr, yes that's the legit link. It's just asking you to confirm that it's you. For me, it already showed my username, so all I had to do was click a button to move on, you may have to put in your email/username, and password though. It's pretty much the same process when you wanna log in here.

I tried using Wrapped and even logged in when prompted, but the page said that it didn't have enough data for me to use this feature. What? I listen to music on spotify everyday all year round, and none of my playlists are private. I'm disappointed. 

Screen Shot 2017-12-05 at 8.49.43 AM.png

I'm sorry to the people who can't get it to work. Last year, I had a theory that Spotify f'ed up the data last minute, and that's why they did it so differently.  "Reaching more people" my **bleep**..didnt even tell people to opt into the email. I have a feeling that if there was an issue that they haven't fixed it yet. I can already see a few minor erroras in my stats - songs/artists I know I listened to more aren't there, while others that I didn't listen to as much are. I really do hope they can get it figured it out for everyone.

Yup i have same problem

Tried this. It said they don't have enough data and I have been listening to music none stop all year...

Having the same issue. I scrobble my music through Last.FM so I know my listening habits. Spotify should definitely have enough data to show me something lol

it just brings me to this?


I had the same message! I listen to Spotify pretty much everyday and it says there's not enough data. Fingers crossed there's a fix for this! Let me know if you figure it out x

But how do I see how manny minutes I listend? 



yes exact same problem, it worked last year but this year i apparently don't have enough data 

Thank you Spotify for adding the "Year in Music" type summary to Wrapped. It is these small personalized features that help you create a strong relationship with your users. Keep adding stuff like this please! I would like this to show on my personal page in Spotify as well. 


11k songs, and 6500 artists listened to! And a whole bunch of genres I never heard of but I guess I listen to them. And the interface is very nice. 




My 2017 is not accurate.

My top played song (in real life) is not even on my top 100 by Spotify.

I have my account connected to and the discrepancy is huge!

Sorry Spotify, nice try. Can we get now My Year In Music like in 2015?


@Aleximou wrote:

Isn't there gonna be a wrapped 2017 playlist made personally for you This year? When is it coming out?


Sorry guys I think we're **bleep**, they doesn't care, worse they make fool of us.

They redirecting me to their stupid top list with bieber and co.



Screen Shot 2017-12-05 at 20.27.40.png


Now that it’s finally here, here are my listening stats for 2017767A3A4A-096B-4023-ABA5-BCEB88FC3125.jpegYou can also listen to my top songs 2017 playlist here:

Same here, My Top songs aren't my favorite songs of this year 😞

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