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New features on Spotify


New features on Spotify

Why u don’t do comments on songs and that will make fan artist communicate on songs or album and will help fans and artist to see problems fan u know like comments in YouTube and make u first platform do that and will be good feature for Spotify and good luck 

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I don't think Spotify really believe in the social aspect of the thing. 
There is no "Friends list' whatever Spotify mean with "Friends". 
There is a "friend activity" It's only available on the desktop app and it require to connect to facebook? eeewwww.
It's possible to "follow" other profiles but there is no way to get that list either and there is no way to interact with them or knowing what they are listening or invite them to a listening party. 
It would be definitely possible to create a separate app more community focused but so far I didn't see anything. 
Spotify already has so many variables to play with to structure some kind of social media vibe:
digital version of fanclub around specific artists for example, or playlist comments, or tours.  

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