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Spotify disconnecting Ethernet Connection

Spotify disconnecting Ethernet Connection

Hello! New to the forums here, would appreciate any and all help!

I've been using Spotify for a year without problems, but yesterday when i opened the Spotify client on my computer, it instantly disconnected my Ethernet connection and it was set on "Limited Connection". The problem only seems to happen with Spotify as the connection works fine without it. I've only encountered this problem since yesterday and i was hoping to get some assistance with this matter!


I've looked up online solutions with no avail:

Tried clearing my cache

Added exceptions to my firewalls

Updated my router firmware


However the problem still exists. Is there any way i can fix this?

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Hmm...that's definitely unique. When you say spotify client, are you referring to the web client or the desktop application? Also, is that application on Windows or Mac and what version is it?

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Hello, Thank you for the reply!


I'm running the Spotify desktop application on Windows 8. I was confused as to why my connection was being disconnected as well! I haven't encountered any problems with the application until now.

I haven't heard of anything in Spotify causing your internet connection to disconnect. Can you isolate this to Spotify or is it happening with any other services? Is it possible that your provider does not allow streaming or flags your data usage when it reaches high levels? 

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What's a Spotify Rock Star, and how do I become one?


I too have recently problems with spotify disconnecting my internet.

It is definitely caused by some recent update, since i have been using spotify app more than year withnout problems. I changed by ISP, but it was ok for about 2 months in that new locations. It occured some time ago, and could be even a month ago as occured to author of this thread.



- windows 7

- Spotify desktopp app

- Wifi, connected through cisco router in my possesion.


- when launched desktop app, my internet are periodically disconnected (with few seconds "online" states)

- spotify cannot play songs, since most of the time, it is in offline mode (internet it disconnected)

- router LEDs are withnout change and other people connected to wifi have their internet, so it affects connection only on PC level


I KNOW that it is probably caused by ISP/router having problems with spotify network communication, but since it worked on same machinery (pc, router, ISP, ...), some recent update introduced problematic network behavior.


So my question: is it behavior "by design" and "as intended", or will be patched and fixed someday?



this problem is NOT unique as many posters have incorrectly claimed.


Im running the desktop app on windows 10 through an ethernet connection and simply loading the "app" disconects me from the internet. 

I'm also using the Spotify client on Windows 10. This issue is pretty rare but it gets fixed once I restart my laptop.Sometimes even that doesn't. Everytime I open the Spotify desktop client my ethernet says 'No Internet'.

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