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Spotify widget gone?


Spotify widget gone?

  • I just noticed that the Spotify widget has disappeared from my homescreen.  I thought I had removed it by accident, but when I checked the widgets, I noticed that it has disappeared there as well. Does anyone else have the same problem or is it just me?

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And it's back right now, and horizontally resizeable.


Spotify v8.5.22.734 - get it now.

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I'm experiencing the same thing. I'd really like to get some more info on what's going on. Hopefully it's not gone for good!

The Spotify widget is no longer available. You can read more about it here:

Yeah gone for me too, pretty bummed because I've been using the widget since I got Spotify.

Literally WHO thought removing the widget would be a good idea???

This happened with the Starbucks widget a few months ago... If you put the Spotify icon on the home screen you can long press it to get more options. I am really upset if they are doing this with all the widgets! Especially with Spotify. The widget was VERY useful.

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Argh. Terrible idea! Originally switched fram Tidal to Spotify because Tidal removed the widget. Now I don't know what service to change to 😡

  1. Personally I think removing the widget is really a bad idea because it just came out of the blue and we haven't been notified on beforehand. There should at least have been a good, working alternative before removal and thus it's really user-unfriendly. Why removing something that worked perfectly and probably satisfied most users? I'm about to leave Spotify soon if there's no satisfying alternative coming soon...

Yes, just woke up this morning to see that my Android Spotify widget is gone also. After searching for the widget on my phone and searching online I found some of the other posts that people have mentioned. I can't believe this was intentional! I know about controlling music from the notifications center, and I 100% very strongly prefer using the widget. Sometimes the rewind button won't do anything at all, and a lot of times all of the buttons just aren't sufficiently responsive. Plus I liked seeing the album artwork, and with Spotify being my primary music streaming service, it was nice to have a big button to press so that I could easily launch the app. I had recently upgraded to Spotify family and was enjoying it, but I had noticed some ways that Spotify fails to match competitors, not allowing for playlist reordering and not showing playlist properties (number of songs, run time) clearly (or at all I think) in the mobile app. I was fine with some minor issues, since I generally like the feel of Spotify, but now with the widget gone too, it's definitely making me reconsider the direction Spotify is headed and whether the company really knows what users want from the app feature-wise.

I'm able to reorder, and it also shows me the run time in a playlist. Swipe
right on the picture at the top when you open a playlist or album

Thank you I didnt know about swiping right to see the date created and total run time. My screen just has those two small infos in the bottom corners then has the playlist creator's picture in the center (no total number of songs). That's a useful screen, but I kind of wish it had a bit more useful info, and maybe some more screens like that so the button wheel is more prominent and that area of the app looks more like a usable area. I'm not sure how I hadn't noticed that wasnt just a little design lol


For reordering, do you mean changing the sort order from custom to by artist, album, etc? Or can you change the ordering of songs within the custom order that they were added? If so, I cant seem to drag and drop songs in the list even after long tapping.

Totally agree and this is just the push I needed to switch to YTMusic..  Spotify just lost a family subscriber...

Just install a widget for it like ubiquity or sign. Ubiquity has the closest to Spotify experience I've found, but I also like how signs simplifies picking out my stations and playlists

I have no idea who made this design choice but they should Quit Spotify right now! They obviously didn't do any user research otherwise they would understand how many Android users have widgets for accessing media apps on their homescreen. Now you have to go find the app icon first ands then swipe down from the notification shade. Even a monkey could have made a better design choice! #rantover

I will be going back to Google/Youtube music

Oh yeah you're right you can't change the order like that, I agree I think
that should a feature. You are able to reorder it from within the queue

Thank you

Give me my widget back!

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