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Spotify widget gone?


Spotify widget gone?

  • I just noticed that the Spotify widget has disappeared from my homescreen.  I thought I had removed it by accident, but when I checked the widgets, I noticed that it has disappeared there as well. Does anyone else have the same problem or is it just me?
89 Replies

This was an awful design choice IMO. Spotify will lose customers for this, and I find the reason behind it pretty stupid. Next time do some user research before deciding to remove useful features...

Oooh yeah that's true. That's a very good feature imo, I really appreciate being able to see the full queue and reorder what's coming. I suppose that the custom order of playlists doesnt matter a lot if you just shuffle play most of the time, but there have definitely been situations where I wanted two songs swapped in order and I just had to re-add all the songs that were below.

There was literally no point to getting rid of the widget. If people want to use the new pulldown menu, promote the pulldown menu, and let people decide what they like best. Don't take away the widget and then tell people you have to use the new system, after all, don't we get to decide what we like best? that was a really dumb move Spotify.

This only effects people that use the widget. Maybe it saves a tiny bit of install space but this is likely the final straw to get me to switch to Apple Music. It's been a good run, but frankly I miss Real Rhapsody from its heyday. No parental controls and now no widget? Idk if my playlists are enough to keep me here anymore. I feel like I should quit on principle alone.

What brain dead Spotify exec thought this was a good idea? Were they thinking, " hey let's make it more difficult for our PAID users to use our product?..  I actually think they weren't thinking. 


Dumb move Spotify.


This is unbelievable! Woke up to a gap on my home screen. Spotify Premium account essentially since Spotify launched in the UK, and no f*cking notice?


This is one of my most heavily used features. Bring it back Spotify! It's not like you've been spending huge dev money on it (it couldn't even scale beyond its basic size). That was an annoyance, this is enough to make me switch to Google.


Really disappointed in your product development and customer communication. I shouldn't have a vital feature disappear without notice.


Total shambles going on in your offices from what I've heard and this just proves them right. I've been a loyal customer for over 10 years and this is literally the only problem I've had, but it is a HUGE one. Bring the widget back or accept that my £9.99 a month will be going elsewhere to someone with an Android Widget!!

First the dreadful app changes, then they remove the way I have always accessed Spotify. Are they trying to drive me away? 

Same here! Since a few days. I tried reinstalling the app, but that doesn't seem to work.

Seems like a poor, poor decision taken by somebody who has never used an Android phone. Terrible idea, and hopefully they rethink and bring it back.


This is the first time I've ever used the community, but removing the widget bothered me enough to get on here and say so.


I've also given a one star rating on the app store, which you should do as well if you think this change is a bad one. Spotify is clearly in damage control and are aggregating upset threads on this issue to minimize damage, so go ahead and start a new one.

Exactly this point!


I have cancelled my subscription and will move back to Google Play Music. At least I get Ad Free Youtube with that and a widget.

i give them some days to do something about it but i will cancel my 5+ year long subscription at the end of the month and switch to deezer or google music.


the widget is essential for me how i interact with spotify.

Thanks for the link, but that was a crappy Spotify "response".  It didn't explain a thing.


Horrible decision by Spotify.  It ateast makes me look at Google Music when I would have never done that before. May lead to one less family subscription...


Very bad move.

Download Ubiquity Music Widget, works exactly the same and it's easy to set up

Wish the widget stayed. +1

I need physical pain to be inflicted to the person who thought it was a good idea to remove the widget and fire it and black list it from getting any other job ever 

This is ridiculous decision by Spotify.  I used the widget all the time.  It wasn't without its issues (disconnecting from the app) but it was/is far more reliable than using the drop down (Spotify routining vanishes from the drop down).


Time to find another music service

Not happy about this. 

I wonder which spotify employee who thought removing widget will increase customer satisfaction?? When others try to add more fature, Spotify do the opposite

Thanks bro... works perfectly 

You ain't the only one bruh. Guess we are all in the same boat here

I believe that a lot of Spotify users are fuming now.

Spotify even says that they are retiring it for good!


Thanks Spotify, you just betrayed all your loyal fans/user's.



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