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Values Week - А toast to our values!


Values Week - А toast to our values!

Hey folks,


Today marks the beginning of a very special celebration for the Spotify Star Program. Since 2021 each year around this time we celebrate Values Week. It’s a mixture of online events and activities, which serve as a reminder to live and embody the values that are at the core of the Program and the Community as a whole. These values are:


  • FUN


During this exciting time Spotify Stars team up and collaborate on different issues, meet up in calls to listen to music together, share meaningful insights with members of the Community staff and other Spotifiers, contribute to blog articles and in general demonstrate what it means to be a Spotify Star 🌟


Keep a lookout in the Community blog for the dedicated Values week articles and also check out our X (formerly known as Twitter) handle - @AskSpotifyStars. If by any chance this is the first time you hear about the Star Program - have a look at what it is HERE. Maybe soon you will find yourself amongst the star ranks as well.


Here’s a toast to our values! 🍞


Have a splendid day,

The Community team



VW '24 blog pic.png

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12 Replies

Happy Values Week everyone!
Very excited to celebrate the wonderful Spotify Stars this week, and the program values 🎉

Spotify's Value of the week.gifalr bet cheers


hey Nikola, 

if the next Values Week comes out, would there be a toaster on the 2025 badge? cause I have a design in-mind like this

Values week 2025.png

Would be nice if this would actually start including Spotify having these values for its customers as well.

Start giving them choices in what they do and do not want to see for example, and them actually replying to issues users reported years ago. No, instead spotify keeps removing requests by users and just ignore the shoutouts by their customers.


For example, this request has been done dozens of times: [Mobile][Other] Remove or manage “Your top podcast... - Page 47 - The Spotify Community


Another thing is moving the playlist location, and not allowing us to move it back.

From these mentioned values Spotify clearly shows none.



hey tic8xisbybz4cta,


this is something that could go into the idea section to get voted and maybe get a lot of vote to get close to being implemented! 


you can post it here!



-(BabyEcho0: an artist and a helper here on the Spotify community)

If you actually read my post and checked the link you'd see that i referred to that exact section. Spotify just ignored it for 5 years, while having a lot of votes compared to other ideas.


They just say not right now.

Spotify is one of the most customer unfriendly companies i've ever seen.


It is that its to much of a hussle to create the playlists again elsewhere, and other services don't have much of the artists i like, else i would've left a long time ago...

hey i'm just here to help and give some ideas, but anyways it was worth a
try to help out!

Amazing news and ideas! Spotify leads the way! ❤️

maybe we can get a purple skin this year

are there subscription refunds


If you had read my post and checked the link you would see I referred to that exact section. Spotify ignored it for five years despite it having many more votes compared to other ideas.

Their response is always not right now.

In my experience Spotify is one of the least customer friendly companies out there. This issue highlights their disregard for user feedback and their unwillingness to implement popular suggestions.

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