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What are you doing right now ?!


What are you doing right now ?!

Hey Guys !

So what are you doing right now ?!
Feel Free to post everything, and let us know what you are doing at this moment. 

- Jordy 

56 Replies

Listening to Black Elk.

Still cleaning my playlist!


Few months before I had 2222 tracks on it. Now it is 1111! Which is 68 hours and still may remove some. I removed OVER 1000 songs!!!


I think it is good, as why to have B side tracks or remixes. My playlist is now much better and Offlined also - so I can use it even on slow 1 Mb internet. Now I don't even add tracks easily before I'm sure they are best ones.


My main goal was to have before as much as I can good music. It is ok, but even if I can add everything with my month fee - WHY? Now I realised, only best tunes. This is: quslity over quantity. My last add is this.


It is a lot of work and still I may have some B tracks.


I'm beeing myself

@JCdotnl wrote:

Hey Guys !

So what are you doing right now ?!
Feel Free to post everything, and let us know what you are doing at this moment. 

- Jordy 


Listening to Red Harvest and smoking whilst typing this post, all before I pop a movie in and go to bed. I think I'll watch Suspira tonight.

Listening to The Strokes on my break 😏

I am listening to Type O Negative and drinking a beer. I'm super bored.

Listening to great 90s trance sets ! Nothing can beat that 

Listening to Julia Holter and invoking Thoth.



My Favorite Tracks of 2015

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I'm trying to sleep with these Christmas songs on my ears 🙂

But the music's so good I can't help but stay up and listen to every word of it! ❤️

Don't you feel the same way?


Silver bells.PNG

I'm watching the last two episodes of Gomorrah! Incredible tv serie with a great soundtrack.

Watching the last episodes of Hannibal 

Eating a bowl of Spaghetti-O's iny bed B)

Idk lol

just catching up on forums, listening guessed it, spotify smooth jazz

I've just finished my first lesson of jeet kune do and I'm so excited! Now it's time to relax the nerves with some good music on spotify 😄

Jeet kunde do? haha

@JCdotnl Yes, it's an hybrid fighting art influenced by Bruce Lee! I know it sounds a little bit strange that a girl is learning martial arts xD But I am a really athletic person (I also do CrossFit four times a week)

HOWEVER...At the moment I'm reading Seven Troop by Andy McNab 🙂

Hehe no offense! Never heard about it haha @user-removed.
Back in the days did Judo, won some prices, good times. 

Good thing for a women to learning self defense, bet you will kick my ass.

At the moment playing Halo 5 w/ the boys 

Watching Some Youtube Videos 😄 

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Thanks 🙂

Listening to some cool Stoner Rock by the band Fu Manchu: and of course digging through the community.

I might do a blog post about minimalism.


I mean I listen also music, but I like to write. For me writing helps me to free my mind and also I am more happy when I write. I know myself better when I think and write. And being happy with less - is good reason to live with savings. I live only in one room house with kitchen, about 35m2 and I have everything. To be happy.


I might go to shower too, but now I want just to listen some music and write... Less is more.

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