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When did you have your "Spotify is awesome!" moment?


When did you have your "Spotify is awesome!" moment?

I thought today I'd pose this question to everyone in the community.


Think back to when you started using Spotify for the first time.


When and what made you go from "I wonder what this Spotify thing is that everyone is talking about; maybe I'll give it a try." to "ooh right, well this is cool!"

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More than 2 years ago. In 2009 maybe. Started with Free. However those ads was in Spotify unrelated to my music taste and hobby or things I like, so I was tired to those ads and listened Spotify less. And 2010 December I changed my mobile phone subscription from my dad account to my own account (when over 18). However changed when I was 20 or something and was too hungry to try those smartphones and purchased my Premium also because of ads in Free.


Premium user since December 2010 and December 2012 for 2 years. So main reason is that I loved service from start and smartphone as so good. And I also have Unlimited data plan so I can listen whatever I want or like anywhere. And these days I do not use piratebay or listen radio and all my own music as mp3 is deleted years ago. No need to keep, because of Spotify. You know, I enjoy this service and I can listen everything everywhere.


Tried all those streaming services, but Spotify is best. So nothing can beat Spotify. And I do not have any CD, all those are in Spotify. Also no need to search and transfer music or keep anymore mp3 player... All you need is Spotify and smartphone is awesome. You can call, listen music, watch video, navigate, take pictures and videos... All-in-one phone. I like this idea and I enjoy Premium everyday. No need to move to those old times. 😉

I think it was 2009/2010. Premium I got 2010 when I got a phone (HTC Desire) that had Android OS in it and I noticed that I could have a large music library with me all the times. Already had the Unlimited speed and Unlimited amount of data usage subscription with an operator. I got fed up with putting MP3's on the SD card and such, so I searched for alternative ways for having music with me. I got myself the Premium subscription just to try it out, and well I'v been a premium user since.

It was amazing, mind blowing to see that I could find loads of good artists music right there and then when I needed some new tunes.

Since then I'v been marketing Spotify to my friends and family.

Still think best was when you could invite people and such. Think I had quite a few invites left(?), and quite a few I think I got invited to enjoy this.

First time I heard about Spotify got me exited.

When I got my new car, I'v been even more exited since now I have the music on the go, without extra adapters or such. Just plug the phone to the dock and put the tunes out.

"Spotify - Keeping your music handy when you ever need it"

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In January 2009, when a classmate I had a crush on did use it, because I was fond in him and the Spotify Windows client was extremly responsive dispatch the computer (Acer Aspire 5102WLMi) was horrible slow, a really crap computer.

About a year ago...after this thread was posted

@Goodman wrote:


When and what made you go from "I wonder what this Spotify thing is that everyone is talking about; maybe I'll give it a try." to "ooh right, well this is cool!"


Haha, well let's see, I guess it was quite a while ago. It looks like my earliest playlists were from August 2011, so it must have been then. I accessed as many songs as I could, listened to the songs I don't have at my home - on repeat - and sure, I've of course even previewed albums before I bought them. Spotify continues to encourage my musical journey, with the SoundDrop app, Discover page, and the Spotify radio feature. I do miss some songs which have been taken off, but I suppose that's all the more reason to buy them myself! xD Spotify continues to surprise me with new songs added, as well. 🙂


Spotify must have surprised me within my first free-trial month. I specifically remember my enthusiasm and astonishment when discovering so much free music, song by song. I love to compile playlists, and find new music, so this all attracted me. I was so enthused to post playlists on my blog, and share songs from Spotify onto Facebook. I told all of my friends about it!! Free music! It is now so satisfying to have so many of my friends on Spotify. Coworkers, too!! 🙂


The dark theme initially attracted me, and kept me, and I myself went through a "dark" period when Spotify changed their pages to a white theme... :'/ Alas, I cannot abandon my favorite music service. It's really the only one that works *for me.* It's tailored for the user! 


Phew, it feels like I just posted all of my thoughts to exhaustion... Sorry... Time for dinner... xD

Without music, life would B♭

When all of my favorite record compaanies started publishing their music on Spotify after two years of being absent. I LOVE Spotify. It's a great way to listen to albums legaly without stealing.  Which I never did. I rarely buy music anymore, except for the albums I hear from Spotify. 


For $10.00 a  month Spotify is definetly worth having. 

This probably sounds weird, but ever since I know about Spotify's business model (free legal music!) I was intrigued because I was looking for a way to listen to music legally without having to fork out a bunch of money that I don't have! Now that the music library is ever growing and very updated, plus I love discovering new music that I wouldn't have listened to otherwise on Spotify, so I guess the Discover feature sold it for me. And finally the desktop app has the Browse function now. Awesome!

Walking with vengeance.

in december of 2014,when i realised that i can stream music on all the stuff, that have spotify, just by one tap)

@craig_winston wrote:

in december of 2014,when i realised that i can stream music on all the stuff, that have spotify, just by one tap)

Hey there.


I'm with you, streaming is more popular year by year. Music purchases down year by year.


Are you managed to find all your favorites or still missing something?

I had mine when on of my mates let me use his premium account on my phone a few years back, the only problem was that i couldn't have online playlists because he already had them on three devices so i thought this is so good i'm just gonna get premium for myself, and that what I done and i haven't looked back since.

Well it was very recent - two days ago recent it had been when I found Spotify after researching free music apps. I came across it after noticing half my music had dissapeared off my phone so I couldn't get it back as I had pirated all of them. I usually have them on my laptop as a backup but it had crashed so I had to get it repaired. 


So I had a few months of sadness not being able to listen to my favourite music artists and bands. I would have pirated all my music back but Piratebay had been taken down and I didn't trust other torrent sites, that and the fact there are rumours going around that the FBI has taken control of it.


I had heard of Spotify before but didn't really look it up that much as I had no need to when I had all my music. But I installed it on my Samsung Galaxy S5 and took an almost-instant liking to it. That was until I had recieved the 30 day free-trial. The moment I get paid next, I'll be going premium to enjoy unlimited music, ad free! 


I hate pirating now, I've deleted everything I have ever download illegally and I'm making sure to never go down that road ever again. 

For the past two days I have been finding EVERY single album that my favorite artists and bands have ever released, especially their very first ones that I couldn't even find on Piratebay! In total, I have over 6,000 songs saved with many more still to come once I have the chance to save more songs! This is the best service ever and I can NOT wait till I get premium when I get paid! 🙂 For now, I shall enjoy the 30 day free-trial that most music apps dont' give! 



I had that moment years ago when I tried it with a free account.  I went premium that same night.  I also put my 4 iPods away that same week and starting listening only to Spotify.  Those iPods are still floating around my office somewhere.  lol  I love Spotify...listen to it everyday.  🙂

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Wow four? I could only afford the one and that was only 8 gigs. I could only fit about 600 songs on it. But then I got my phone with 12 gigs of free space and could fit about 1000 songs. Still wasn't good enough. Spotify is my new bestfriend. I just hope it'll never shut down.

Today. Too great track released...



Before they started paying the artist but still had started taking money for the product and I was wooow, I need this for myself.

Well, let's see. It was long after I noticed the "young kids" using it. I avoided it for a long time because of its cool factor. LOL 🙂

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@regexaurus wrote:

Well, let's see. It was long after I noticed the "young kids" using it. I avoided it for a long time because of its cool factor. LOL 🙂


I even listen Spotify halfway around the world and high on the sky (airplane). It's cool!


I call it Spotify forever.



After I found out this "music offline" function. I just stopped downloading songs and switched to spotify! ❤️

@user-removed wrote:
After I found out this "music offline" function. I just stopped downloading songs and switched to spotify! ❤️

Hey there.


That's cool to hear!


Welcome to the board. This is excitingly different story! Enjoy it.




Jyrziu :d

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