searching for active mutuals on spotify!

searching for active mutuals on spotify!


i feel like spotify works as a really nice social app, although it's hard to find support. Personally, i am obsessed with stalking people's profiles and checking their playlists out, so i'm looking for people who do the same thing lol. Here's my spotify(i follow back of course):


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ahhh i totally agree with you, i love stalking peoples activity! 


i gave you a follow im !!


Late reply (just joined), but I followed both of you. My Spotify name is "bree"


I followed all three of you. I be doing the same, especially when I love the title of someone's playlist. I like building my listening activity friend list. If I catch someone listening to one of my playlists, I always return the favor and like it if I enjoy it.


🙂 this is my acc- dont judge tho lol

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