How do I report an issue I am experiencing with the app?

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If you notice that something isn't working how it's supposed to, that something is broken, or maybe the app doesn't open anymore, there's a chance that there's one or more users that are experiencing the same.


Look for the Ongoing Issues board within the Help section where you can find an overview of not only current issues, but also issues that we've had in the past. It's here where we gather information from affected users so we can fix individual issues as soon as possible. It's also here where we keep everybody up-to-date about each issue.


Before you start a topic in the Help section, it's recommended to look if there's already an Ongoing Issue active.





Click the Search bar; make sure you have 'This category' selected. Type keywords you think fit the issue best. A list of existing topics will generate in the drop-down menu:





Alternatively, you can browse the topics by choosing any of the following categories:





If you find a relatable Ongoing Issue, you can join it by hitting +VOTE and following the instructions in the Status Update. Chances are that the fix for the issue could already be there!





> If you don't see an Ongoing Issue that matches your experience, visit the Help section:


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> Choose the correct category and find out if there's another user with the same issue, so you can join an existing topic.

> Or, create your own topic if you're the first person to report this issue:


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> Choose a simple title that you think describes the issue best. This makes it easy for other people to find your topic. In the Body section, you can describe the issue. You can also choose to add screenshots if you think it helps to describe what's going on. 


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Make sure to include all necessary information: 

  • Your device
  • Your device's operating system
  • Spotify app version
  • Clear steps to reproduce the issue


And that's all! Your topic will be posted so that other users, Rock Stars and Community Moderators will be able to help you further. They'll also be able to move larger threads to the Ongoing Issues board from there if more users comment with the same issue.



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