Why am I having connection issues?

Community Manager
Community Manager


If you're having connection issues with Spotify, try the following:


  • If everything was working fine recently, it's worth checking @SpotifyStatus on Twitter to see if there's any ongoing issues
  • Check that your router allows Spotify in- and outbound, and that your firewall software allows Spotify in- and outbound
  • Check that Windows (if applicable) firewall allows Spotify in- and outbound
  • If you have any anti-virus, anti-hack or any other anti-software installed, try to temporarily disable it, just long enough to test your Spotify issue
  • (On Windows) make sure you start Spotify as admin
  • Check your router and make sure UPnP is enabled. If it already is, turn it off, then on again
  • Turn off your router, wait 10 minutes, then turn it back on again

Can't fix it? Here are some other options.

Try these troubleshooting steps:


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