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[API] Delete / Remove songs from queue

[API] Delete / Remove songs from queue

Can we please get an API endpoint that removes a song in the queue by its index or other?



3 and a half years. Wow... 
And to think that this was going to be added while i was working on my project.

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Thanks for the suggestion, @BJDubb! I'll share this with the rest of the team. What are you building with the API?

Im using the api to build a personal app where you can vote on songs to be added to the queue and vote to remove songs.


I'm thinking of building an application that allows you to only play only Liked Songs in a playlist.

There's a couple different approaches here, but one approach would be to let the user play a playlist as usual, and then they'd open my app and click "Only play liked songs".

My app would maintain the queue to remove enough songs from "Next Up" and "Next In Queue" so that there are at least N (e.g. 5) contiguous Liked songs coming up.

(Not sure how it would behave if the person doesn't have any liked songs coming up, though.)

That would be awesome! Waiting for this endpoint for over half a year now. I've built an app that lets users add songs to the queue via IRC. Since it takes the first result from the search, many times moderators have to manually skip misspelled songs. Lettings users remove their own songs from the queue again would be a great improvement.

I would like this feature too! 

I need this feature too! I'm writing a web app that can generate dynamic playlists. It generates X songs and queues them up, but if the user changes their mind I need to remove those songs from the queue.

The queue system in general is pretty borked. I was pushing things to my
queue from my app all day yesterday . . . got in the car and played a new
playlist and I ended up having to fast forward past like 20 songs that I'd
added via the app, even though I had cleared the queue via Spotify an hour

When I’m hosting a party I want to ad-lib “DJ” rather than use a playlist, and this means relying on the queue, because adding tracks to a playlist that is currently playing does not have the intended effect. The problem is: I build up a queue of tracks to play in the Spotify App by carefully selecting ‘Add To Queue’ – then one wrong press of a button and – BAM!! – the queue is wiped out. I have built an app as an attempt to solve this but until the API endpoint is available I cannot control the queue – only add tracks to it blindly.

Hi Spotify team, I need this feature too. Any updates? 

I need this as well, hard to develop anything using queues without being able to clear it.

unsure why this isn't a thing already, need this !

Let's make it happen! It's a must-have feature!

Hi @spotifyjosh, any progress on this feature?
Thanks in advance!

i also want this feature , when will it be available?

I need this feature, please Spotify Team.

I think a "clear queue" feature would give quite a lot of flexibility to the API. 

Any updates on this? Would really be helpful as theres no way to clearing a player queue as of now.

Also need this feature for our app which is also queuing songs and allowing people to vote.
By the way it looks a lot like what you are searching for, don't hesitate to have a look. Our app is called Zikup 😉

Would love this feature too.

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