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After a few minutes, /me/player returns null for paused player

After a few minutes, /me/player returns null for paused player

I've got a all the auth and access tokens working, and I can display my "Now Playing" track with a call to /me/player.  So, in Windows, I pull up the client, start playing.  Call the api, get lots of JSON.  And if I pause the currently playing track, the /me/player response includes all the expected  data and is_playing : false.

After about ten minutes, the /me/player call returns... nothing.  It worked fine a second ago, and then suddenly, no data return (no errors, just 200 empty)  Same for all the other options nested in this endpoint (/me/player/currently-playing, etc.).   This is surprising and frustrating; I also can't find any documentation about this.

I can't figure out how to "re-awaken" Spotify, short of hitting play again on the client.  

Is this expected behavior?  It's rather frustrating: The Spotify client clearly shows the ready to be played track, and user expected behavior is that my app would reflect that.  However, it can't.  This is especially frustrating when the user pauses, does some other actions on their computer, and then wants to go back and control Spotify via my app: it can't be done!  There appears to be no way to "refresh" or "reawaken" the connection

It's not a token expiration issue; if I hit play for even a second on the client then pause, the same token setup starts returning data again... for about 10 minutes.  And then we're back in no-data land again.

So, any suggestions?  Is there a way to "kick-start" the connection again, without the user having to go back to the Spotify GUI?   

Thanks, Michael






Dell running Intel i7

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Windows 10 with usual patches

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Just adding: the response is actually a 204 No Content, which is also not mentioned on the docs page


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