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Amazon Echo name changed to some serial number

Amazon Echo name changed to some serial number






Amazon Echo Dot 3gen

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Windows 10


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Since yesterday when I request the available devices via API Reference, I receive this:


"id": "d0e0c8da-1a4b-4b72-b7ff-4f089fd41d92",
"is_active": true,
"is_private_session": false,
"is_restricted": false,
"name": "d0e0c8da-1a4b-4b72-b7ff-4f089fd41d92",
"type": "Speaker",
"volume_percent": 36

However when I open spotify app on my phone or the windows app on my computer, then the name is correct. (It should be "Echo Dot")

 I have tried to rename and device and deregister the device and reconfigure in the alexa app, but it did not help.

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This thread is about the serial issue, which looks to be (finally) resolved. The 4th generation Echo issue is separate and relates to the 4th generations "low power mode". I'd prefer if we raise a new post to track it separately. I've initiated conversations internally, meanwhile let's close down this thread and start a new one to focus on the 4th gen issue.



@ohej Sounds fair. The issue with the 3rd gen still hasn't happened again whatsoever, I guess it's safe to say it's fixed. As long as everyone agrees, it falls to this thread's OP to close it. 



Regarding this 4th gen-only thread you've mentioned, well, here they are:




Funnily enough, in this last one there's even a post made by you, redirecting me to this thread here, so I guess we've come full circle.


Jokes aside, we do understand that there's a chance this problem might be caused by an external factor unrelated to your API (my guess would be, as you said, some peculiarity with the 4th gen devices/firmware), but I believe everyone in here would greatly appreciate it if you guys could look into this as soon as possible, considering that , as @Stephan73 said, we have been waiting for almost a year to get some conclusive feedback on these matters.


Once again, thanks for the help with the 3rd gen. Hope to hear from you guys soon enough. Cheers,

You're absolutely right, I'd forgotten about that thread. Indeed full circle 😅 


As you're pointing out there are many moving parts for these issues, it's not always straight forward, and I appreciate your patience. 


I'll revive the other thread to focus on the 4th gen Echo issue. 

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