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Can't unblock a song i accidently blocked

Can't unblock a song i accidently blocked

I accidently blocked a song while listening to it on my weekly routine, even though i have it in several playlists already. My problem is, i just can't unblock it, it's gotta be a bug. Nothing happens when I press "unblock" or press the red circle with the dash inside. Even though it it shows as if it wasn't blocked, i can't play it on my PC either. It says i have to unblock it on my phone first. I'm using the latest version of Spotify for iOS. Please help me. Thank you in advance 🙂
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How to unblock an artist/band or song on Spotify

To unlock an artist or band, just redo the process. Go to the band's page again in the search, tap the “…” menu and choose “Allow this artist to be played”. This will undo the lock and the band/artist will reappear in lists.
To unblock music from an automatic playlist, the moment you block a track, Spotify gives you a few seconds to give up. I've done this a few times successfully. The process doesn't bring the song back at the exact moment, but it does ensure that the track comes back if the algorithm wants it to. I was able to go back to listening to some songs by looking for them right away. But when I didn't immediately undo them, they disappeared from the playlist and were no longer suggested. I could still hear them looking for them. These examples were the way it happened to me, I can't guarantee it will happen the same way to you. But it doesn't hurt to try.

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