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Clarification on Developer Terms - Building Profiles of Users

Clarification on Developer Terms - Building Profiles of Users

Do not analyze the Spotify Content or the Spotify Service for any purpose, including without limitation, creating new or derived listenership metrics, benchmarking, functionality, usage statistics, user metrics, or building profiles of users, including for the purpose of targeting them with advertising or marketing.

Im trying to understand exactly what this means and to the extent it apply - specifically the building profiles of users. 

For example, if a user connects to a platform via the auth which then allows them to join a specific community - could we not share anonymised data on the groups listening happens i.e top artists, streamed tracks etc?


Im pretty sure I know the answer to this (no), but im struggling to find definitive information online, especially as it seems this rule can be interpreted or implemented to different extents i.e Tinder showing top artists, also Songkick sending you new gigs based on your listening habits etc

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