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Embedding music player

Embedding music player

Hi everyone.

I'm a music producer and sound engineer and I am building myself a new website. I wondered what the legalities are for embedded music from spotify in my site? I would really like to offer people the chance to play some of the music directly from my site so they can listen to some of the things I have worked on.

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Do you mean embedding Spotify player in your web site? Technically it's simple but I think they will need to be logged in to their account in order to play the songs.

What I am checking is if I am allowed to legally have people be able to play the music from my website. The actual embedding is quite straight forward. For example, if I had a bar and wanted to play music, I would need a license to do so. I'm searching around and it seems to be really murky.

I'm not sure about the web SDK terms of use, but I know that if you use mobile SDKs to play music from your app it means you cannot monetize it at all.

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