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Feature to get a artist's cover image

Feature to get a artist's cover image



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The endpoint doesn't return us the cover image of the artist. Which desktop app/Spotify's website is able to. 
Example of a cover image Link

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Which artist are you trying to get the cover image for? Provide the Spotify id.

Does it really matter? I have to get any artist's cover image for the app I am developing for

Does it matter if your question is answered?

This is the id I use for test 7rpKUJ0AnklJ8q9nIPVSpZ

I made a request to the{id}

endpoint and got the following response, which includes images

    "external_urls": {
        "spotify": ""
    "followers": {
        "href": null,
        "total": 261379
    "genres": [
        "anime rock",
        "japanese electropop",
    "href": "",
    "id": "7rpKUJ0AnklJ8q9nIPVSpZ",
    "images": [
            "height": 640,
            "url": "",
            "width": 640
            "height": 320,
            "url": "",
            "width": 320
            "height": 160,
            "url": "",
            "width": 160
    "name": "Reol",
    "popularity": 61,
    "type": "artist",
    "uri": "spotify:artist:7rpKUJ0AnklJ8q9nIPVSpZ"

The images field gives you the avatar of the artist, not the cover image. For example, make a request to the 4TrraAsitQKl821DQY42cZ this is the avatar url but if you look at Sigrid's profile from Spotify you will see that the cover image is different.

The images that are currently returned are the only ones you're gonna get. This is consistent with all of the artists I've retrieved images for.

Since 2017 there is no updates on this topic which is annoying. At least let us able to get smaller version of cover image

Ignored lol

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