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Keeps telling me to verify email. Already done so, still keeps telling me. @SpotifyCares

Keeps telling me to verify email. Already done so, still keeps telling me. @SpotifyCares

Cant create app. PLS HELP. @SpotifyCares

7 Replies

I had this same issue yesterday but it appears to be resolved today.

Still not working


Sorry to hear you're having trouble with this @Jbat005. What steps did you take to verify your email? Did you receive an email message from Spotify with a verification link?

Me too, exactly the same issue.

Exactly the same issue here too

Consider this: @spotifyjosh 


Old accounts that used Facebook Login Method and Google Login Method did'nt receive a Verification E-mail link.


So, it's a system problem. You guys need to implement the verification status to `True` when users login via Facebook, Apple and Google. I am having this exact same problem and many years ago I created this account using Facebook login, and I never ever received a confirmation link.


So now, is glitched saying that I need to confirm something that I never even was asked to 🤡


Doing a little quick search, on Google, using this link"Dashboard+%7C+API"+"Verify"+"Email", you can literally see many, many other topics that addresses this same problem.


I found the solution and posted it here (It's a workaround while the bug is being fixed by Spotify's Team):


Solution for Email Verification on Spotify Dashboard 

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