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Monetization of an app using Android/iOS remote SDK

Monetization of an app using Android/iOS remote SDK

Hi. I'd like some help understanding terms of the developer policy regarding commercial use/monetization of apps. From what I understand, I'm not allowed to earn any money from an app that would stream music directly from the API. This is clear to me. However I saw how SDKs for Android/iOS work and from what I understand they don't directly do any streaming, they merely act as a remote control for Spotify app? If my app consisted of (without going into much detail) mainly playlist editing with possibility of playback and seeking, I would think that it doesn't make my app a streaming app in this case as playback only works via remote control of Spotify, as long as I wouldn't do any direct streaming from API. But I would like some confirmation on that. I wasn't planning for my app to be paid anyway but I did think about putting in some ads for some revenue and maybe a possibility to pay for their removal. I'd like some confirmation if I can do any of that.



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