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My app is disabled and blocked, how to appeal?

My app is disabled and blocked, how to appeal?

My app is disabled and blocked and the email address for appealing is not showing up in the cases list when I click the "What does this mean" link. It says "Spotify has disabled your app. You can contact us at this email address if you wish to appeal this decision.", but there is no email address there. I would appreciate a lot if someone could just tell me the address, I need the integration for a work project. 


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In general, if your app is blocked or disabled it is because your app is breaking our Developer Terms. Since I don't have your client id or any other info I can't verify if this is the case.


That being said, clearly there is an issue with the text stating you can reach out via email but not actually disclosing the email address.


I'll send you a private message with how to proceed and I've notified the team to adjust the text.

Could I also get the email as I am facing the same issue?


I'm having a similar issue as the topic creator but I never received any kind of message or email regarding this. I've been using the API for years without any issues, and didn't change anything I was doing before my app was suddenly listed as "Disabled and blocked". I would also appreciate getting the information on how to proceed with this, or an email address or who I can talk to get the matter resolved.

Same for me - worked fine for almost two years (running the exact same API calls) and out of the vlue got blocked with no email or anything. Tries creating new apps with different names but they all get blocked within a day

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