OpenApi/Swagger description for the Web API


OpenApi/Swagger description for the Web API

Casual Listener

As Spotify has not updated the RAML description for the Web API for 5 years, I started to write a parser for the Web API reference documentation to generate a machine-readable format of the documentation. From this machine-readable documentation, I am also generating an OpenAPI description for the Spotify Web API. You can find the code on GitHub: The latest generated OpenAPI description can be found in the releases.


The parser does also correct errors currently present in the Web API reference documentation. So if any developer from Spotify is reading this, please check out 

this file for errors in the endpoint description and this file for errors in the object description and missing objects.


Note: At the Developer Day, Spotify has announced that an official OpenAPI description will be released in the future (see the recording on YouTube).


But nevertheless, I wanted to share my work with the Community because other developers might also find my work useful. And I am more than happy to hear your feedback.