Programmatically detect if Spotify is playing

Programmatically detect if Spotify is playing







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So, I'm a noob.  I would like to run a script on my Windows PC if Spotify (the service, not the Windows app, as the Windows app may not be running) is playing a song.  To put it into psuedo-code,
if SpotifyPlaying = True then ExecuteThisScript.bat
My script changes the output device of my PC to a ghetto whole-house speaker system I made. 

Bonus points (but absolutely not required) if the script can tell WHICH device is playing Spotify.

I found this guide, , and I can use it to generate a token to use CURL to output to  a .txt file with my WSL installation.  The text file tells me if something is playing, but I don't know how to connect this to an automation.

Thank you in advance to anyone who can help me! 

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