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Recommendation API using more than 5 seeds

Recommendation API using more than 5 seeds



The Recommendation API suits exactly my needs for my app but I'm stuck with the number of seeds limitation (5 max).



Do you have some ideas about how to find a similar alternative with more seeds? 

1 Reply

When I started working with the recommendations API I thought the same but I don't think that this would give very good results. As far as I can tell the recommendations API doesn't combine your seeds to come up with tracks that best meet a mixture of the seeds. If you have multiple seeds it just returns some recommendations relevant to each one.

- if you have 1 seed, you get 20 recommendations based on that seed

- if you have 2 seeds, you get about 10 recommendations based on each seed


For example, if I have 2 genre seeds: rock and soundtracks, I don't get rock music soundtracks. I get 10 recommendations of rock and 10 of (mostly orchestral) soundtracks. I'd love to think it's cleverer than that but, based on this example, I doubt it.


If you had more than 5 seeds you'd start getting just one or two recommendations for some of the seeds. You'd probably then be better off just requesting recommendations for each of the seeds separately.

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