Spotify Community (for Developers) is a regress

Spotify Community (for Developers) is a regress


Sorry for say that, but I have to. Since you guys archived the WebAPI repository from Github and all the issues are moved to here, this created a huge problem. I understand that this new platform took a lot of work, and I think it's great to Spotify's users have a place where they can discuss new features for products and report problems, discuss, ask questions, etc. But not for developers.

 With the WebAPI available on Github, we, as developers, who already know the API could discuss and also new developers could join the discussion easily. But place Spotify's user and developers that uses Spotify's API in the same boat create at least 2 problems:

1. The previous open issues on Github were forgotten, mainly the old (and important) ones, because no one can comment there. For example check this issue. This as created in 2017 and many people supported and need it (Including I). But since the repository was archived, we couldn't track the status of this issue, until someone commented here also. @Hubo replied saying to create a "new idea". Following the suggestion, @PassAuxly created a new idea that got only 32 votes, apparently not enough to developer team give a look. 

2. I feel like we don't have a close contact with the Spotify's team anymore. On Github Issues we could create topics and discuss then with developers team, but now, every time I see a question/issue related to the API, seems like no one from Spotify is reading them. 

 Ironically after write this huge text, I feel like this message will not reach out who needs to read (developers community and the developers teams), but I feel like this need to be said.


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Hey  @joao__vct,


Thanks for your feedback. Don't worry, we haven't forgotten about the feature requests from the GitHub repo. It is good to know that your app could also use the ability to read from the queue. Can you tell us more about how you would use this functionality?

Hey @spotifyjosh, thanks for the reply! One of the features of my app is not play some tracks that user selected. So if I had the possibility to edit de user queue, removing these tracks, this feature would work better. But today I have to listen the user current state, in order to know if the current track should play or skip. This works, however, there is cases that user hear the first second of the song, because of the delay.


It certainly feels like the entire Developer Platform team was axed. There'd be no interaction here if it weren't from Josh here and then, and Hubo copy-pasting answers.


Is Covid the reason for the lack of time? It's completely understandable but incredibly frustrating from a product depending on Spotify.

Agreed. I can't fathom why this decision was made. These threads are an awful way to try to manage developer-related issues.

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