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Spotify Premium Required

Spotify Premium Required

Everytime i got error message like "Spotify Premium Required" when i logged in through Spotify SDK

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That means the account you are trying to log in with is not Premium.

The Web Playback SDK requires a Spotify Premium subscription.

I have also facing this issue with my premium Spotify account.


Yea, me either - our App stopped working since this error occured. Does anyone know anything about changes made to the API?

Check the other recent posts in this forum Christian. Spotify has shut down their streaming SDK which has effectively cut off 3rd party streaming altogether. 

Ohh then how to play spotify tracks in the iOS application.
Any replacement of 3rd party streaming sdk ?? 


Nope, if you're looking to have an app play music directly you're basically up the creek without a paddle now Spotify has shut down their existing SDK. That's why so many devs and users alike are so annoyed.

I don't know how the Musixmatch app plays Spotify tracks perfectly.
Any idea about that?

They might be using Spotify's remote app SDK which requires the Spotify app to be installed on the device and plays it inside of the Spotify app rather than their own app. They also might get special treatment given they are an official Spotify partner. 

No, I have checked Musixmatch doesn't use remote app SDK. it works without Spotify app and also inside own application.

maybe its special treatment by Spotify

Just downloaded it myself. You're right. My best guess is they've access to the newer version of the streaming SDK that's only available to partners (basically what their own first-party native apps use).

Yeah playing songs from Spotify on your own is no longer possible but you can get the new SDK to behave nicely once you figure out its quirks and weak points. I'm still mad about the shutdown of legacy SDKs though

I get the same message when trying to login to my premium Spotify account on a very old Android device running Spotify version Do you think it is related to their SDK? I had no problem with this just a couple of months ago.

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