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Spotify Web API: Queue endpoint needs polish

Spotify Web API: Queue endpoint needs polish

I'm working on building  a queue view using the newish Queue endpoint, but there are a few bugs/missing features:

  • Firstly, it returns 20 results, including currently playing. But it always returns 20 results - even when the queue is 12 items long. You just get the first 8 items looped.
  • Secondly, if I want to play the track by skipping to the track in queue, it's not clear what context to use - is it not possible to jump to the 5th track in the queue, without actually skipping 5 tracks?
  • Lastly, the Spotify player seems to "know" if a track is added in the context of a user-modification, or continueing the current playlist, artist or whatever context of playback. This does not seem exposed in the API.
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