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Spotify for artists API

Spotify for artists API

Hi all, 


I am in the process of working with the Spotify API and am wondering how I go about allowing an artist to login and see their own tracks. I was thinking that perhaps all Spotify accounts are linked to Artists once they get an artist profile created? Am I able to get the artist to login using their Spotify details, grab their ID and then do a search for that ID via the artist endpoint? Or are artist profiles/logins separate and is there any way to achieve this?




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Hey @Mooosey, thanks for coming to the Spotify Community for help!


Right now, there is no public API available for Spotify for Artists. Spotify's Provider APIs are available to those who have direct distribution with Spotify. There's some more information about this here: Feel free to give me a shout if you have any questions!

Happy coding!

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Is there any update to this? Or is it still not possible to access an artist profile through an API?

Hi @ryanfrisch1. Can you tell us about your use case? What are you looking to achieve with the API? 

I'm trying to allow a user to be able to sign into my web app through the Spotify login and if they are an artist, access their songs or at least be able to tell what artist id the user account is linked to so I can fetch the relevant data.

I also have a use case where I want only the artists who launched those albums have access to selling the royalties of those albums. If anyone has access to all albums then there's no way to know whether the artist who is selling the album royalties is the real artist or not. Does that make sense? 

I'm also looking for a solution here. I'd like my "user artists" to be able to login/signup into my app through the Spotify login & access their songs, artist id and relevant data. Is this possible?

Hi there! 

I was looking for the same access to Sotify for Artist data, like audience stats and segmentation. I wish to display this and other info in a dashboard, after log in by the artist.


Is there an API endpoint to at least find out how many current listeners my band has right now?
Similar to the home page of the Spotify for Artists app. See attached screenshot.


My use case would be to allow an artist to pitch their new music to playlists that have featured their music in the past.

I am also looking for a way where artists can connect their Spotify for Artists to my app so that stats from their artist page can be displayed. Any progress on this?

I also want to send API requests for any Spotify artist who is logged into my site (Lemonrock), and has Spotify albums or tracks, so that I can embed them automatically on the artist's page on my site. The artist would choose which tracks to embed on my site, so I need to get a list of tracks and albums, so that I can create a track list with tickboxes. The embedded player on my site would be based on the Embed Code that can be manually copied from Spotify. Can this be done?

Hi, I am also looking for a way to authenticate with a Sportify for artists account and retrieve the audience stats. Can anyone help me ? 


Did you find a way to do it?


No, I just had users select which artist they represented, and then pulled
the public artist info. This only worked because I didn't NEED the artist
analytics on my app, even though they would have been nice to show. And
there were no functions that would have harmed the artist if someone
claimed an artist that was actually someone else.

I am also looking for a connection to Spotify for Artists. We are looking to have daily reporting uploaded automatically to a spreadsheet so that we can show artists the results of their marketing campaigns. Does anyone know how to build this connection? Our current spreadsheets are in Google Sheets, but happy to transition to something else if it gives me the solution. 



Would be awesome for Artist to programmatically access their own data. 



I'd like to make a service where an artist can author their tracks. So +1 to this

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