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Spotify should pause developer applications until it's caught up on reviews

Spotify should pause developer applications until it's caught up on reviews

The current state of Spotify's review backlog is awful and has been since June of last year apparently. It seems most people (who aren't working for big companies) are waiting upwards of 2-3 months.) If Spotify care about their developer community, they should pause the submission of new applications while they work through their current backlog.

7 Replies

Absolutely. I waited for almost 10 months before giving up, absolutely ridiculous.
Maybe move some resources that are working on unwanted features like that AI DJ and put them to work on this. SMFH.

I Agree! I spent about 6 months of free time to develop our web app just to be stuck in this process for 3+ months now. If i know this would be the case i would have spent the time doing something else probably.

For a different perspective, I've been using Spotify Web API and the Spotify App Remote library for Android for four years now and it would be really unfortunate if we all lost access to it.  At this time, it's the only API available with a matching playback engine for Android (and iOS).  I've searched extensively and this is the only option available to us all.  I'm vexed also that Spotify isn't providing support, but I am glad to have this tool available.  Let's keep what we have available to those who are able to get it running for them (as I have).


If anyone from Spotify product were to read this, I believe there's a great opportunity for Spotify to re-establish support for the Web API and native SDKs, which would really pivot Spotify into the integrator's limelight!  Third-party experiences could really drive a whole new channel of paid subscriptions if the API and SDKs were stable enough to deploy to production again.  

At this point i dont understand why they're still accepting new requests. I know there's staff shortage but waiting almost 3 months shouldn't be acceptable especially for a company like Spotify. The company's public image is deteriorating day by day and i've seen a great amount of complaints in social media about this problem. Hope y'all fix it soon or simply stop accepting new requests! Thanks!! (i wouldn't label this issue as a rant, its a response to a problem yall as a company have)

I just got a rejection 3 months late - apparently I modified artwork from Spotify, I don't even use artwork from Spotify. Guess it's another 3 month wait 🙃

i fear mine will have some kind of error and another 2 months😢

@dyl_nm that sucks... My app has a bunch of album covers in the background and I noted on my application that they do not come from Spotify, just in case. I'm glad I did that cause it sounds like they would have rejected me too if I hadn't.


Good luck, I hope they respond to you soon... 

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