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Synchronization restriction: request for clarification

Synchronization restriction: request for clarification

Hello. Have an idea for SDA (non-streaming one) but want to clarify the restriction in advance to not to waste my time for something which might be not approved.


I am confused about the "synchronization" restriction: "Synchronization: Syncing sound recordings accessed via the Spotify Platform with other recordings, lyrics and/or visual media". What does it actually mean? That my app cannot show any additional content in related to playback being launched through my app? Example: User selects specific album from Spotify catalogue and launch the playback in main Spotify app (my app will not stream music in any way and be used as a remote for Spotify app). So is it really restricted to show (for example) artist photo, or some text excerpts from the Wikipedia in my app for the track currently being played in Spotify app?

Any thoughts or knowledge on subject is really appreciated. Thanks.

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