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This functionality is restricted to premium users only

This functionality is restricted to premium users only

I am using the Spotify Web API for my personal project. I am attempting to create a Spotify music player using the spotify-web-player-node package. However, I have encountered an issue. When I authorize my account as a developer, I receive an error stating that I need to have a premium account on Spotify in order to access these features. Are there any alternative methods to utilize this API as a developer without incurring any costs? It's important to note that I do not intend to monetize my project. Additionally, I recall that this feature used to be free several months ago, but now it requires payment.

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You need a premium account for this functionality. It's only $10 per month.

But it used to be free. I don't want to download just listen. I was and still am signed in. Also changed my password.

I looked up the documentation of the Web Playback SDK from 2020-10-19, and on it is written: "Authenticated users must have a valid Spotify Premium subscription".

So, this endpoint couldn't ever be used without a Spotify Premium subscription, and callmenikk most likely has misremembered it.

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