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I have created a web app with the Spotify API.


The platform connects Spotify music artists and Spotify playlist curators.

Music artists pay to submit their music to playlist curators and to receive feedback on their music from curators. Curators are in no way obligated to add a song to their playlist, but are free to do so if they like it. 


I use the Spotify API to get information about songs and playlists such as cover art, song titles, artist name, playlist name, playlist followers.


I do NOT stream Spotify music. Instead, music artists are required to upload a mp3 version of their song that will be played. 


I am wondering if this app meets the spotify requirements and would be approved if I request a quota extension request?

I would like to receive feedback and/or tips to improve the app so that I would meet the requirements. 


Thank you in advance!


Kind regards,



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I think it's against the following point: "Do not create any product or service which is integrated with streams or content from another service.".

Hi Ximzend,

Thank you for your reply.

The music artists are required to upload their own MP3 file. It is not coming from another 'service'. Although, I too wonder how Spotify will look at this. How do they define 'service'? Could I potentially get Spotify's stance on this? 

To find out how to contact Spotify Support about your question, refer to this page.

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