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Unclear App Feedback & Quota Extension Request Rejected

Unclear App Feedback & Quota Extension Request Rejected

I submitted my iOS app for review by the developer team over 8 weeks ago. I received a reply today that states my quota extension request was rejected for these reasons:


Synchronization: Spotify content is used in the background of visual media, such as advertising, film, TV programs, livestreams, slideshow videos (etc.)


Do not facilitate downloads of Spotify content or enable "stream ripping"


I don't believe my app violates either of these terms or policies at all. As a matter of fact, Spotify is one of the main features of visual media in the foreground of my app. Not in the background of it. The only possible way I could see my work violating this term is that on my app's website, there is a slideshow of the greeting cards my app produces that includes a small version of the Spotify logo in them. But I specifically removed album artwork, song name and artist to ensure I wouldn't violate any copyright issues. This isn't in my app though, it's on a separate website. So I dont think this is it. Can you please confirm for me that this is not the case? Also, can you please tell me how I can get more details about why my app was rejected for this reason?


Secondly, I’m not sure why my app was noted as not facilitating downloading or enabling stream ripping. Each time a song appears in the app, it is linked to the song’s page in the Spotify app. This is how developers are instructed to do it in the Terms of Use and this does facilitate downloads. I’m not sure how this could possibly enable stream ripping because users can only access music in my app if they log in with their Spotify subscription. Users without a subscription can only access 30 second previews of songs when sent by others. But they are not able to search on their own. So to summarize, I really dont understand this feedback I received at all either. I also linked Spotify's page in the App Store within the Settings Page of my app.


Can you please provide further detail on why my quote extension request was rejected?




Country: USA & Canada




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(iOS 16+)


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