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active a playback device with API


active a playback device with API

Is there a way to activate a playback device using the api and why can't I see my ethernet speakers using the get playback devices api?



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Hey as far as my understanding of the APIs goes, the device in question has to be manually made active in order to transfer playback to it.

I don't to make it active, but how to switch the device when it is active?
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Thank you very mutch

Every time I want to transfer the playback, I simply get error 500, although I use the correct device ID.
I tried it by using the API directly and also through the web console.


Originally, I just wanted to play music on a device which was marked as not active. The play command just went through but the music didn't start. In the old GitHub repo, I found the advice to transfer the user's playback which finally led me here.

i have exactly the same problem. every time I try to activate the player, I get the 500 error ...


is there already a solution here?


for some accounts it works without problems, but not for others. could there possibly be problems with the accounts in a family subscription?

after playing around, i found out that i have to start something with this account from the spotifyapp first. from then on the activation of the player via the API works fine...

Hi sir, I have the same exact behaviour... Did find any solution in order to not having to manually start music on this device to make it available ? Thanks 🙂

I have the same issue. Is there any way to "wake up" a device through the web api?

It appears Spotify managers have disabled the feature to get the available devices from the API: 

Same issue. Can't transfer playback, start playback, or even see the device listed unless I manually start playback on the device first which makes the API practically useless ☹️

This used to work for me but now:

"devices": [
"id": "109bf5a0d19ab7605f1cda5ceb83370bdd96118e",
"is_active": false,
"is_private_session": false,
"is_restricted": false,
"name": "Web Playback SDK",
"type": "Computer",
"volume_percent": 50
"device_ids": [

I get 404:
"error": {
"status": 404,
"message": "Not found."

Any help?

Thanks. I’ve a dubt, it is possible to start playback in a spotify connect device from web api or ios sdk without having to start the play back in another device and transfering the playback to the spotify connect device I want to activate?

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