3 month premium activated, but no premium

3 month premium activated, but no premium



Plan: Premium

Country: The Netherlands



 iPhone 12

Operating System

iOS 15.5


My Question or Issue

Started my 3 month free subscription yesterday. Paid via iDeal. Paid €0,01 and received it back from the bank (to verify the back account ). I have premium features, like ability to play full songs, albums and skip. But no high quality, download and everywhere in the app and online in my profile it says i still have Spotify free…

Help… 🥺


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Hey @retro_maniac_82!


Could you log in to your account page to see if everything looks good there? Check your subscription status as well as the receipts tab to see if the payment was made for this account.


If you can't find a receipt, It's possible that you may have subscribed to Premium on another account. We recommend trying to log in with all email addresses / passwords you might have used when signing up. Don't forget to also check the LOG IN WITH APPLE, FACEBOOK or GOOGLE alternatives, since the account could have been created that way.


In case you're unable to find the account on your own, or you have additional questions about your subscription, it's best you reach out to the folks over at Customer Support who can take a closer look since they have access to the necessary tools.


Hope you get this sorted out soon. Cheers!

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Hi, thanks for your reply. 
I’ve logged in to my account page. Things look ok except that there is a large green button that says “get premium” and a blue bar in the top with Hindi text. I’ve checked the receipt page and there is definitely a receipt from 19-05. 
I’ve created the account with the hide-my-email function in iCloud. Later change the email address because that’s where i thought the blue bar came from. It kinda looked like a Indian name. But i never selected another language.

 Also i got a pop-up in the mobile app with a notification about getting a taste of 14 days of premium functions which disappeared almost instantly. 


Hey @retro_maniac_82,


Thanks for your reply. 


If you haven't found your Premium account by following the steps suggested by @Yordan, we recommend that you get in contact with customer support here. The right folks will help you to find it.


Remember the Community is here in case anything else comes up.

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