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Can't get 3 month free with Paypal

Can't get 3 month free with Paypal

Plan Premium

Country  Canada

Device Computer 

Operating System Windows 10


My Question or Issue

I tried to get 3 month free with paypal.

But it gives me error saying

-Oops! It looks like this funding instrument is being used in another account with PayPal.

Follow these steps to get this offer:

Go to your account settings > payment preferences
Choose a different bank account, credit or
debit card as your preferred way to pay
Come back to this page and try again


I followed the steps, still same. I never had another paypal account or Spotify Premium subscription, contacted paypal costumer service and they told me to get in touch with spotify. I have no idea what is wrong. Any help would be appreciated!

8 Replies

Hey @RingKM,


Thanks for posting in the Community.


This error message makes it look like you've used the PayPal account for a different offer before. Is this the case?


It'd be best do contact PayPal again and ask if your PayPal account has been used for any transactions to Spotify, even pending ones or failed ones. Those can deem your PayPal account ineligible for a trial.


Keep us posted,





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I'm having this exact same problem. I have never had Spotify premium before or used any Spotify offer.
I've tried changing the funding source from a bank account to a card and to my paypal balance but it says this same error no matter what.
I've also tried on my phone, desktop PC and laptop and none work.
And I spoke to PayPal who told me I have to speak to Spotify because the offer is from Spotify, not PayPal.
Does anyone have any ideas how I can get this to work please?

I spoke to Spotify support and they added 3 months of Premium for me, even though the PayPal page wouldn't work.

How did you speak with them? twitter?

I've wasted so much time trying to get this problem solved going back and forth between PayPal and Spotify... It's taken so long that my subscription to iTunes ended and i haven't been able to try Spotify. I wish the Spotify staff would have been as nice to me as they were to you but I keep getting deflected. The last time i spoke with them they said they knew it was an issue and were working on it. I can't even get the 3 month Microsoft deal to work! It doesn't show up anywhere after you've signed up to their rewards program. Is Spotify this broken in other areas?

I spoke with Spotify on chat and got 3 months free but I had to chat few times tried to show all logs of conversations between PayPal and Spotify. You need to push them a bit to get it.

I tried contacting Spotify support again and they have completely failed me. Even though one of them had told me:
"Thank you so much for trying. I did some digging and it looks like you're not the only one who's experiencing this issue. We’re aware of the issue so our teams are on the case as we speak. Hopefully we'll have a fix soon!".

Spotify staff refuse to give me the 3 month offer because whatever they are seeing is telling them that my PayPal account was used before.

The last reply i got from PayPal support was:
"I apologize about any frustration this may have caused. As stated previously, there is no card denial that we can see from our end. Ultimately, the promotion is setup from Spotify and PayPal is not able to enroll you in Spotify Premium from our end. I know you stated you did already contact Spotify, but they would be the only ones who could further assist at this point. I apologize about the inconvenience."


The time I've spent trying to solve this issue is worth far more than $30... I'm so disappointed, i timed the ending of my iTunes subscription so i can try out Spotify and then i faced this wall of garbage. i never thought i would be forced back to iTunes, but that's the case.

Guess what? I got 3 months premium free on the SPOTIFY promotion that came out a week later than my previous post!!!
These jerks put me through hours of torment trying to get the 3 month PayPal promotion always telling me that I didn't qualify... I USED PAYPAL WITH THE SAME CARD. What a load of @#$%.

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