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Charged twice per month!!!


Charged twice per month!!!

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My card has been charged twice last month and now twice this month this is a joke i feel like cancelling ive only one account why is this happening?????
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Re: Charged twice per month!!!

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Hey there @Red1231, welcome to the community!


I'm sure we can help figure out what's happened here. 

First of all, did those payments come out of your account on the same day? If so you probably just hit the upgrade button more than once (and both payments were credited to your account). You can double check this by going to your Subscription Page and confirming your next payment date is more than 1 month away.


Let me know how it goes 🙂



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Re: Charged twice per month!!!

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No my bank says one is completed and the other is processing and i didnt click upgrade twice as i have this account months and never happened and my next payment is a month away