Converting Premium Accounts To Family Plan


Converting Premium Accounts To Family Plan

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(3) Premium Subscription members just moved into my household. I cancelled my own to become the account in charge of the family plan, but I don't know how that affects billing and other premium accounts. I understand how to add people but will we be paying twice for their individual accounts AND their family plan for the first month?

Also since they just moved in on January 1st, and I've only been here a month, we all have our original addresses on our accounts and our ID's. How does Spotify verify it's premium users? I don't want to be banned or have my roommates banned because we accidentally are listed as trying to manipulate the system.

That sounds like a headache and a half and I'd rather avoid that.

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Re: Converting Premium Accounts To Family Plan

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Hey @GiovanniAria, help's here. 


We do understand why you're asking this, and will try our best to explain each point. 


First of all, if you managed to upgrade your account to Premium for Family, you don't have to worry about any further charges on your previous subscription and it will automatically be converted from a regular Premium subscription to a Premium for Family subscription. Besides that, it doesn't matter whether you canceled your regular Premium subscription or not beforehand. The remaining Premium time you had will be converted to Premium for Family time, so your next billing date will be moved slightly instead of you being charged for Premium for Family immediately. 


The same principle goes for the members you invite. If they already have their own Premium subscriptions and successfully accept the invites, they will be part of the new plan and won't be charged for their own subscription anymore. Any Premium time they had left before joining will be reinstated if they leave the plan. Just make sure they're not subscribing through any of our partners. If so, they first have to cancel through them before being able to join your plan. 


Lastly, when you create a Premium for Family plan and send the first invitation, you'll be prompted to enter an address which is independent from what you had added before, so as long as you make sure that they enter that same address when they join it should be fine. 


Hope that helps, and let us know how it goes 🙂