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Credit Card refused

Credit Card refused


I've decided to delete my old Spotify account. 

After some time I created new account. I was trying to pay for subscription with the same credit card which I was using on older (currently gone) account.

After a try, I've received message, my credit card was used once for free 30 day trial. I am totally ok with that and I already had amount for monthly subsciption ready to pay. 

Later this message has gone. Now I am simply getting error with information, my paymeny is being refused.

I don't want to use another type of payment becouse this would be cheating and I don't want to cheat. I already used free 30 day trial, so this wouldn't be OK to get another one.

Could you tell me what can I do to make my credit card be able to work with the fresh account?

PS. I don't want to bring back the older account. I want  to keep it gone.

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Should I keep trying to pay with this credit card, or trying new payment method is only valid option? I want to be fair to Spotify.

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