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Spotify customer service is a sad joke. First of all, the fact that i have to communicate with them via Twitter is ridiculous. Second, they did absolutely nothing to help me. I signed up for spotify premium because of the hulu bundle. 6 months later my debit card was compromised so i had to update my payment information, so Spotify Cancelled my account, along with my Hulu subscription. Contacting them via twitter accomplished nothing. They told me the promotion had ended and i couldn't get it back. I had to beg them to even apologize! The conversation went like this...


Me: "hey you took my hulu away...i want it back. That was the only reason i paid for spotify in the first place."

Spotify: "I'm sure you do. Hulu is great. You can't have it. We use any excuse to revoke those subscriptions because now that you're already a customer, they only costs us money"

Me: "this is unacceptable. I'm very angry."

Spotify: "we agree, you are angry. We told some other people about it. No one will help you though."


Literally the worst attempt at customer service I've ever encountered. I'm still kind of in shock at how unhelpful they turned out to be. I'm a paying customer, one who is extremely dissatisfied with my experience with their product, and upon being made aware of my dissatisfaction, offered me absolutely nothing. I told them i didn't want spotify premium anymore and they didn't even offer to refund the money i had spent renewing the subscription that, as it turned out, i no longer wanted.


Spotifycares? What a joke. They don't care. Not even a little. They used a technicality to screw me out of the only reason i started paying for their service AFTER i had already paid for it, and couldn't even offer me a refund... In fact, they BARELY offered an apology AFTER I ASKED FOR ONE!!! It's laughable. I've never been so thoroughly discarded by a customer service rep in my life. I can't believe you guys got another 10 bucks out of me. I promise you it will be the last until you do something to fix this.

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Hey @Natedogg423,


Sorry to hear you lost the Hulu offer. We're always trying out new offers and partnerships so it's possible that you'll find another deal in the future you can enjoy.


Another user created an idea in the Idea Exchange asking to bring back the Hulu offer. If you agree, feel free to leave a vote here.


By the way, there is more ways to get in touch with us. Check out this page.


Let us know if you have further questions.

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