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I subscribed to Spotify Premium on the Playstation many years ago. In April 2019 I upgraded to Spotify Family via the mobile app and Spotify began charging me £14.99 for this. I have found out that I have continued to be charged £9.99 by the Playstation store for Spotify Premium that was now redundant (I can confirm these are both for the same account). 
How do I request a refund as Spotify don't have a way to contact directly and the posts I see say to contact Playstation who request a case number from Spotify?

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Hey there @Sparish


Thanks for reaching out to the Community about this. 

If you see multiple charges and they’re not pending or to check the payment is valid, you could have more than one Premium account. We suggest you check this help page in order to find this out. 


Here you can find more info on Spotify's refund policy. 


Hope this helps. Let us know how it goes. 



They're the same account, I've confirmed that the emails match. Your Account doesn't show the monthly charges coming from PSN, however, just the premium. I've contacted PSN directly also to ask about a refund and they asked for a support ticket, so I sent this as well as Spotifys refund policy stating they don't refund changes by partners.


We'll see how that goes.

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