Double/Triple payments

Double/Triple payments

Hello, I really need to speak to someone regarding payments to my account. i should only be paying for 2 Spotify accounts but i have had 10 payments taken from my bank account in 2018 - this should only be 6. i need this sorted asap - i have spoken to my bank and itunes and have tried to get in touch with spotify with no luck at all!

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Money is a serious issue so to start off, what do you pay through, Spotify, iTunes or someone else? After that, check out this article about Premium Payments to see if any of these statements are true. To save you the time, I have posted the most relevent content from that post here:

I’ve been charged double (or more) in the same month. 

  • You might be paying for more than one account. Learn how to find and cancel any other accounts.
  • The payment might have been unsuccessful, but appeared on your statement anyway. If we’re unable to process the payment, the funds will reappear on your statement soon. This is all part of your bank/credit card’s authorization process. You can reach out to them for more information.
    Note: You may see multiple charges like this if you tried the payment multiple times.
    Example: If you sign up to the student discount but we can’t verify your student status, you might be notified of a charge but because the signup wasn’t successful, no money will be taken. 
  • If you’ve recently upgraded from Premium to Premium for Family your renewal date may come earlier than usual, possibly in the same month as your previous payment. This is because of the price difference between the two subscriptions.



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