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Double billed on my very first payment...No Customer Service area?????

Double billed on my very first payment...No Customer Service area?????

Dear Spotify,

I am very disappointed that you do not have a clearly marked Customer Service area and e-mail as most reputable businesses, including Amazon has on their site that is easy to find.  Posting a message on a public forum is a rather ancient Microsoft anti-social & inefficient way to solve problems.  Also, could not find your "About Us" area that you wrote another customer to seek when they were trying to solve their double billing problem in one month.  Please reverse the extra $4.99 as soon as possible!!! You need the money less than I do...but, of course, you do need to regain a good reputation with you are eroding yours with the lack of direct, clearly marked, customer service contact on your website.  Very sad.

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Hey @kell9363,



When you received two payments by Spotify at the same day, and this has never happened before, there are two possible reasons.

The first one is that one of the charges is a pre-authorization charge. Normally the pre-auth charge has a smaller amount of money and it should be away after a few business days.
If this isn't a pre-auth charge, then it’s possible that you hit the conformation button in the subscription email twice and so a second transaction went through. Don't worry, this second charge will just get added onto your account as if you "pre-paid" for an extra month. You can see this by visiting your subscription page and checking that your new payment time will be in around 2 months.


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