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Epic Collection

I sold my iPod this year because Spotify Premium was so useful and convenient that I wanted to use nothing but it. I tried google music before this but I felt that it didn't hold up to spotify.


Now I think I'm changing my mind. It is ridiculous that I can only save 10k songs to my library. I am not downloading 10k, just saving them so if I ever want to listen to it, it's there in my library.


I know there is an idea out there already which I did put my vote on but it doesn't seem like anything is change. I am on a family plan of 3 but I will probably be cancelling it soon to find a better service that doesn't put a limit on songs that I like.


If anyone has any spotify alternatives that don't have this limit, I'd love to hear.

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Hey @VakarianWrex , welcome to the Community.
Hope you're doing great!


Currently you can only save up to 10 000 songs on any playlist or the Songs folder.

There's no limit though to the playlists you can create on Your Library.

Hope it helps 🙂

Yeah that's a really poor and low limit. Especially when a huge part of Spotify is discovering new music.

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