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Explicit Content filter Premium Duo

Explicit Content filter Premium Duo


Premium Duo




My Question or Issue:

I’ve recently switched to Premium Duo since my daughter has increasingly been using my Premium account. What I would like to do is to restrict the second account (my daughter’s account that is) so that no explicit content can be played. I understand there is such a feature for Premium Family. When will the same feature be launched for Duo or have I somehow failed to find the feature?


Many thanks,



3 Replies

Hi there @JonasAnanas,

thanks for reaching out !


I assume you had to create a Free subscription for your daughter in order to get her added to the Premium Duo.

Therefore, as a first basic step, I would recommend logging in to her account and toggling off the explicit content option.


Another action you can take, is to keep your Duo Mix clean by removing explicit songs from your combined playlist - an option which you can take only through the mobile app but once it was made it effects across all devices.

To remove explicit songs from Duo Mix, open your Duo Mix playlist, tap on the 3-dots icon, and select ‘Remove your explicit songs’ from the options.


Furthermore, you might find some useful info on how to limit content on this official help page.


Last but not least, I would recommend checking out the "Ideas" section of the community and learning how to add your idea following this help page.

This way, users around the community will be able to add their +VOTE and comment to promote it.


Hope this clears things out a bit.

Let me know if you have any further questions 🙂

Thanks for the really thorough answer! Yes, I’ve logged in on her phone and blocked songs with explicit content but the problem is that she can undo this on her own without my consent. In other words I would prefer to set this myself as “master user” on behalf of her account. Just as I can with google family and I believe is possible with Spotify Family. Is there not a similar option for Duo? I would prefer not to be forced to upgrade to family...must be other families out there with just a father/daughter setup not needing more than 2 accounts. Cheers, Jonas

Hi @JonasAnanas,

thanks for replying back explaining your situation 🙂


At the moment, features given on Premium Family and Duo are a bit different.

Therefore, I strongly recommend using the pages i provided at the end of my last post, as this idea is totally relevant.


Be sure I'm transferring your feedback on and in case I'll find further useful steps you'll be the first to know.


Hope i was helpful to you.

Don't hesitate to ask any further questions you might have 🙂

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