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Free google home mini

Free google home mini

I signed up for premium a few weeks ago because of the free Google home mini promotion...but I have had no communications since about how to get it.


When I visit this link, it says I have not registered my interest in the offer:


I tried following the link to register, but I'm just taken to the Spotify homepage.   What am I missing?


7 Replies

same here, they havent contacted me or anything since i signed up. went thru FAQs to figure out what was up and came by your post; when i clicked the link i was able to redeem my google home mini (thank you). I signed up for this like 2 weeks ago, so maybe you might have to wait a little longer, not entirely sure though! hope this helps, the link you posted certainly helped me, THANK YOU! 

Hah, lucky for you I suppose.   Glad I could sort-of help.

It's not working for me either. This is so frustrating. 

I'm having the same problem. I signed up for premium last week and never got an email about the mini. 

I also signed up yesterday but it would only let me start the free month, and I did not get any code. Did I miss out on the offer?

It's pretty disappointing to get zero response from Spotify after this has sat here for a week.  If Spotify doesn't offer an actual spport line of some kind, I would expect some effort to be made to respond to queries made in this community.


I'm feeling rather mislead - I signed up for premium because Spotify made an offer for a free Google Home mini, and now I feel like the company is quietly backing out of the offer with no means for me to do anything about it other than cancel my subscription.  At least if I hadn't gone for the Google Home offer, I'd have had a free month of service...

I totally agree! I think that you nailed it. Im going back to my iTunes account. 

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