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Gift card not working. Customer Support Failure.

Gift card not working. Customer Support Failure.



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Purchased a $30 gift card at Target. Card redemption fails with an error message that says "Something went wrong. Try again, or get help." I have been communicating with the Spotify support team on Twitter for THREE DAYS. The problem remains unresolved. They will not answer my questions. They have not explained why the code is not working. They have not provided a valid code. They have not provided a time frame for resolution. I have provided images of the card and the receipt. All I get are messages that say "We've alerted the right folks and they're investigating. We'll keep you posted."

This is completely ridiculous. It should not take more than THREE DAYS to resolve this. I am requesting that a senior member of the Spotify team contact me BY E-MAIL to achieve an immediately resolution. Spotify needs to provide a valid code.



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Hey @KossB ,


Thanks for coming to the Community.


If Support is saying that they are investigating and will get back to you soon, then it's best to wait a few more days 🙂 They'll get back to you as soon as they have news to share.

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I appreciate you taking the time to respond. However, as I noted in my original message, I find it completely ridiculous that I reported the problem on April 13, and it has not been resolved. I should not have to wait for them to "investigate" anything. I paid for a gift card at Target. I provided an image of the card and the receipt. The receipt says it is activated. The code is not working, and they should simply give me a new code that works, or apply a three month subscription to the account. There is no reason to make me wait while they "investigate" why the code is not working.

The last message I received on Twitter said:

"In order to redeem your code, we suggest waiting at least 7 days. If you receive the same error message, reach back out and we'll continue from there"

So... let's use some common sense here. Either Spotify is shipping defective gift cards to Target, or the system used by Target to activate the cards is not working.

There is no other reasonable explanation for what happened here.

And I am now expected to wait seven days, and maybe it will be working, and maybe it will not be working, and if it's not working, I have to "reach back out," and "we'll continue from there"??

This is disgusting. This is NOT customer service. This is outright theft of my money.

Hey there @KossB,


Thanks for reaching out about this in the Community!


We've done some changes backstage and we'll continue to work on resolving this. We'd recommend waiting 7 days and give it another try in a week. Everything should be working smoothly by then.


If you're still having troubles after 7 days, give us a shout on Twitter @SpotifyCares and the team will be happy to take another look.


Let us know how it goes, we'll be right here if you need more help 🙂

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On April 17, following the instructions in the Terms & Conditions for Gift Cards, I sent a written notice of dispute, by certified mail, to the address in Section 14.5. I am referring to the T&C found at this website, which is identified on the back of the gift card:

The notice was returned to me by US Postal Service. The address in the T&C is not a current address.

Why does Spotify have an outdated street address in the Terms & Conditions for Gift Cards?

Hey @KossB.


Just wanted to let you know that the address has been updated since your last post at the link that you provided (here), as well as on the Contact page (here).


The updated address in the US is the following:


Spotify USA Inc
4 World Trade Center
150 Greenwich Street, 62nd Floor
New York, NY 10007


Hope that helps! Let us know if you have any other questions.

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