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Giftcard won't redeem

Giftcard won't redeem

So, my mom bought me a $60 Spotify Premium Gift card, which would allow me to have Premium for 6 months. So when I got home, I tried to get it put on my phone as soon as I can because I wanted to listen to my music very badly, but when I go to put it in, it tells me the basic "Something went wrong, try again or get help" message, so I though I just typed the code in wrong. Still didn't work. So I try all the possible ways that it could be wrote, and it still won't work. Then on the receipt it says it may take 24 hours to activate or else it may become VOID. I'm really hoping that someone can help me with this and that I didn't accidently make the card void. I checked the main website for help but nothing seems to help it.

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Hi @Bladesmaster and welcome! 🙂
Sorry to hear you are having a little trouble redeeming your card. Spotify has a great support article here that may help clear it up for you.
If it doesn't, feel free to reply and I'll see if I can help further! Have a great day! 🙂

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