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Change to Duo from Family

Change to Duo from Family

I'm trying to change to Spotify Duo. It says that my current family member will be converted to the free Spotify. But I want my daughter (the only other member of the household) to be the second Duo member. How do I do this as part of the plan-change process.



Currently: Family Premium

Want to change to Duo.


Country: Canada



MacBook Pro 2015, iPhone 6


Operating System

Macbook Catalina 10.15.3

iPhone iOS 12.4.5




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Hello @ktaylormusic

Thank you for reaching out here in the Community!

When your current plan changes to Premium Duo, you can to invite your daughter to the new plan. 


You, as the plan’s manager, will be able to invite or remove members by logging into your Duo page at


Your daughter can accept the invite, keep her current account with all the music and enjoy Premium. 


For more details on Premium Duo, make sure to check out this Support Article


I hope you'll find this helpful!

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