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Going to go insane.

Going to go insane.

Been trying to cancel my Spotify for months bit my bank refuse to stop payments. I do not know my login info (not the one I'm using I created this to post here) or my email I am however logged into the app on the account i wish to cancel, there is no option for subscription management in app? Is this a joke? And the live chat service is horrific as i wait and wait then get put through to someone who doesnt understand what im saying. I want to cancel my subscription and be done with Spotify for good. Can someone for the love of god help me 


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For this particular case, I would encourage you to reach out to support through the anonymous contact form. So long as you are entirely logged out of (alternatively, you can access the form through an incognito window/private browsing) the form will allow you to use an email of your choosing for correspondence. Please ensure that this is an email that has not been compromised and that you still have access to it!
If you would prefer to not use the contact form, or require an alternative means of contact, you can always reach out to @SpotifyCares on twitter, or the Spotify Cares Facebook page.

I hope this helps!

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